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Action View
Action View is a top class digital video analysis application for the field of sports. It is designed to capture body analysis for the sports of cricket and lawn tennis, where the coaches, players and sports analysts can use to improve the game and performance.

The sports application capture live video footage to provide in-depth video analysis with relevant information, easy video clippings along with meta data and reports of overall weakness and strengthens of players' body movement and positions. It is powerful and capable to provide comparative movement and position analysis of two events. .

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i Phone Applications
Mobile application for portfolio monitoring and maintenance system


Persuasion Soft Solutions provides various software services to various clients across. With IT becoming a business enabler today, most companies and organizations are using software applications and technology solutions for business operations. However, majority of companies are from non-IT sectors such as BFSI, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and others.

Though these companies are using software applications and IT solutions for business purposes, they are not fully tech savvy in nature. And when it comes to managing the software applications they need professional technical assistance. This is where Persuasion Soft Solutions play its significant role by offering quality software services in terms of consultancy, design, development, implementation and maintenance of software systems.

Further, the highly skilled and qualified team of professionals from Persuasion Soft Solutions helps the clients with valuable services by working closely and understanding their business requirements. It leverages Persuasion Soft Solutions in offering end-to-end customized software services to its customers.

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Persuasion Soft Solutions offers vertical specific BPO services targeted at Services such as finance, manufacturing, retail and distribution. These services help customers in improving their business performance with great efficiency and saves operational costs incurred on IT and human resources.

These offerings are designed and structured with latest technology platforms, software applications and talented and highly skilled professionals to meet business requirements of customers. It is aimed to help customers to focus on their business, while operational supports and needs are taken care by Persuasion Soft Solutions BPO services.

For Persuasion Soft Solutions, it's not just the cost effective and efficient support for customers but also to provide high value productivity that leverages growth for customers and their businesses.

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While, Persuasion Soft Solutions focuses on Services such as banking, financial services and insurance, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, shipping, logistics and sports by providing technologies, software solutions, services and support. It also serves these Services extensively by providing technically trained and skilled IT staffs.

With IT becoming as business enabler today, the need of IT staffs and technically skilled professionals in businesses and organizations has become certain. But in such environment, the biggest challenge for these businesses and organizations across Services is how to acquire IT talent and experienced professionals as well as retain it. In addition, each of these Services has very specific IT requirements and domain knowledge, which makes it more difficult to get IT talent to meet those specific needs.

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